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District Leaders

2022-2023 District Leaders

District 14 Trio

Justin Hagan, DTM

Program Quality Director


Marian Barilone, DTM

District Director


Versandra Kennebrew, DTM

Club Growth Director

Senior District Leaders

Jessica Dukharan, DTM

Public Relations Manager

Cheryl Ladson, DTM

Finance Manager

Laura Olson, DTM

Administration Manager

Shandra Banks-Matthews, DTM

Technology & Logistics Manager

District Committee Chairs

Padma Kaviratna, DTM

District Credentials Chair

linda b

Linda Buckley, DTM

District Realignment Chair


Yolande Berta, DTM

District Parliamentarian

Charlie Mae Ferrell, DTM

District Historian

Marie Giarnero, DTM

Speakers Bureau Chair

District Director Advisory Council

Greg Palmer, DTM

Past District Director

brenda b

Brenda Benjamin, DTM

Past District Director


Anwesha Banerjee, DTM

Past District Director& International Director

Program Quality Team

LaQuesha Agnew, DTM

District Training/TLI Chair

Natatia Van Ellison, DTM

District Training/TLI Co-Chair

Sharon Johnson, DTM

DEC Education Chair

linda b

Linda Buckley, DTM

DEC Education Co-Chair

Mike Duncan, DTM

Pathways Chair

Debbie Thompson, DTM

Pathways Chair Co-Chair

Linda Rogers, DTM

District Contest Chair


Charlene Hampton, DTM

Conference Chair

Ty Friend

Conference Co-Chair

Club Growth Team

Floyd Neal, DTM

Club Extension Chair

Barbara Morgan, DTM

Club Quality Chair

Dennis Lemons, DTM

Club Retention Chair

Public Relations Team

Jennifer Green, DTM

Assistant PR Manager, Trainer, and Creative Director

Debbie Thompson, DTM

FreeToastHost Specialist

Monica Rockwell, VC3

Press & LinkedIn Specialist

Charles Johnson

District Webmaster

Sadie Bispham, DTM

Sadie Bispham, DTM

Executive PR Assistant and Creative Process Coordinator

Mike Coe

Facebook Group Coordinator

Brenda Marshall

Facebook Page Coordinator


Cheryl Ladson, DTM

Blog and Podcast Coordinator

Jenelle Hanes

Podcast Coordinator

Sandra Ukoh

Podcast Coordinator

Division Directors

Abosede George, DTM

Division A Director

Dennis Lemons, DTM

Division B Director

Saudia Muhammad, DTM

Division C Director

Karen Gelhardt, DTM

Division D Director

Darryl King, DTM

Division E Director

Karen Jakes, DTM

Division F Director

Carla Hardy, DTM

Division G Director

Jeremiah Bullard, DTM

Division H Director

Area Directors

Larry McClelland

Area A11 Director

Smital Patil

Area A12 Director

Joan Meyler

Area A13 Director

Charles Johnson

Area A14 Director

Harriet Peeple

Area B21 Director

Jill Lemons

Area B22 Director

Loie Chambers

Area B23 Director

Dennis Lemons, DTM

Area B24 Director

Nicole Golston

Area B25 Director

Nisah Brinson

Area C31 Director

Gwen Lowman

Area C32 Director

Melba Robinson

Area C33 Director

Lorraine Jackson

Area C34 Director

Nia Brinson

Area C35Director

Linda Miller

Area C36 Director

Mark Gelhardt

Area D41 Director

Toni Ellis

Area D42 Director

Meka Elijah

Area D43 Director

LaVerne Spruill

Area D44 Director

Jenn Moore

Area D45Director

Trina Mackie

Area E51 Director

Sharma Pogula

Area E53 Director

Eldon Smith

Area E52 Director

Kumar Sharanu

Area E54 Director

Lisa Shinhoslter, DTM

Area F61 Director

Darien Hamilton, DTM

Area F62 Director

Kierra Robertson

Area F63 Director

Rodney Harris

Area G71 Director

Brenda Lloyd

Area G72 Director

April Woodard

Area G73 Director

Teresa Middleton

Area H81 Director

cedric 2a

Cedric Beamon

Area H82 Director

Katrice Colvin

Area H83 Director