District Trio


District Leaders


Program Quality Team

District Training Manager

Renee Thompson, DTM

District Education Chair

 Aissata Quattara, DTM



Conference Chair

Crystal Daughtery

Conf. Co-Chair

Sadie Bispham


District Contest Chair

Vivian Robinson, DTM


District Contest Co-Chair

Yolande Berta, DTM


Club Growth Team

Club Extension Chair

Terry Duncan

Co- Club Extension Chair

Mike Duncan

Club Retention Chair

Sede George

Co-Club Retention Chair

Laura Olson

Youth Liasion Chair

Winston Mangaroo

Co-Youth Liasion Chair

Bernard Dean

Club Quality Chair

Tonette White

Co-Club Quality Chair

Barbara Morgan

Co-Club Quality Chair

Gloria Jackson

 Corporate Club Liaison Chair

Ron Baker


Co-Corporate Club Liaison Chair 

Joey Gibbons

Ready to Lead? 

Join the District 14 Leadership Team!  District Leader Applications Will Be Accepted Until The District Director-Elect Closes The Nominations.

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