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Ready to speak and lead with confidence? District 14 Toastmasters can help you!

Visit District 14's clubs - we have 127 clubs and there is a club that will meet your schedule (Monday to Saturday) and location preference!

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

What Can I Expect at a Meeting?

While each District 14 Toastmasters club is unique, you can usually expect for there to be prepared speeches, Table Topics, and evaluations at club meetings.

How Can I Find a Club to Visit?

To find a club, click on the button below, click “allow” in the location popup, and type in your address in the search bar. Then, click on a club’s name to learn more.

Upcoming Events

From open houses to speech contests to district trainings to our Annual Conference, there is something for everyone to attend and participate in. Check out our calendar to see what events we have coming up and how you can attend them.

Special Announcement

Congratulations to the clubs that have made a Distinguishment and there is time for your club to join the list. To see the clubs click below

Weekly Newsletter

Every Tuesday, we send out a district e-newsletter that contains information about upcoming events, our monthly contest, district incentives, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Monthly Trainings

Each month, we host trainings on a variety of topics such as Pathways, Zoom, FreeToastHost, etc. Missed a session? You can view the recording.

Visit a District 14 Toastmasters Club

Ready to improve your public speaking skills and leadership skills? Come visit a District 14 Toastmasters club so we can help you get started.