Mark Gelhardt

Mark Gelhardt

Category: Leadership



Mark is the Author of “My Time at the Clinton’s White House”.  As an Army Officer and war veteran, Mark was selected to be the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Clinton White House.  This gave him unfettered access to the inner working of the Government.  Mark loves to speak about his knowledge of the how The White House really works and the military support that keeps the White House running.

Mark is considered to be an Information Technology and Cyber Security expert.  
With his work both at The White House and with many large global companies as a CIO and CISO.  Mark has been asked to speak in the many of following areas:  The Clinton White House, Military support within our government, Leadership, Motivation (if he made it so can you), Military (As a War Veteran with an a-typical career), Information Tech, Information Security, Cyber Security, and more.



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