October 2018: Member of Month

Brandon Eley, CC, ALB

Spotlight – Each month the District recognizes a member for outstanding accomplishments in earning educational awards, in marketing their club or serving above and beyond what is expected

Brandon Eley, is the new Club President of LaGrange Toastmasters. He had 4 officers trained at TLI, earned his ALB and is overcoming challenges from the past club administration. He is doing a good job of marketing and promoting the club.

Brandon is an e-commerce entrepreneur, author, consultant, and professional speaker. Brandon has almost 20 years of experience in online marketing and e-commerce from both the perspective of an e-commerce retailer and that of a consultant.

He is the founder and president of 2BigFeet.com, online retailer of large men’s shoes. Founded in 1999, 2BigFeet.com is a market leader in it’s niche of men’s large size shoes. 

He is also the owner of Brandon Eley Consulting, a marketing consulting firm specializing in e-commerce, online marketing, and website development. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, Brandon has experienced the growing pains of starting an e-commerce venture, from Google penalties to growth hacking to conversion rate optimization. 

Brandon is the co-author of “Online Marketing Inside Out,” published by SitePoint/O’Reilly in 2009, and has spoken about online marketing and e-commerce at conferences and organizations all over the country and internationally.

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