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December 2018: Club of the Month

ACC Toastmasters

Club Spotlight – Each month we recognize a club for outstanding accomplishments in helping it’s members achieve their goals, in marketing the club, in member growth and sustainability.

Submitted by Jessica Parks, Club Mentor


Serving as club mentor, I was impressed by their commitment to having their own, unique culture. Many clubs award ribbons or certificates in recognition of the best speaker. It was during one bi-weekly executive meeting that ACC stated that they were going to recognize the winner by dedicating the room to them. The president begins the meeting by saying, “Let’s call this meeting to order. Today, we are in the (Name of Last Week’s Best Speaker) Presentation Room.” At that moment, the best speaker from last week comes down to receive their award. This idea is genius because it encourages the best speaker to come back next week because they know that they will be recognized. 

Their identity is also connected to the themed-meeting. The orchestra of the word of the day, the President’s “little-known fact,” the joke of the day, table topics and sometimes speeches are harmoniously brought together to sing to the tune of the weekly theme. The club also concludes with the President asking the members if they have any announcements to make. The members all work for Athens-Clarke County (ACC) and thus are part of a larger community. I enjoy hearing the water treatment folks announce the various festivals and activities that they will have for the weekend. This sense of community, in my view, helps them build stronger bonds. They continue to challenge themselves by looking to have a humorous speech competition, by attending the TLIs and by finding creative ways to talk about their club. 

They have an exceptional website ( and have been featured in their company’s newsletter. They created documents such as a detailed New Member Handbook, that orients new persons to the club. They also have an “ah counter”, “timer” and “grammarian” log that makes those roles easier to complete. They created a new leadership role called, “VP New Member Oreintation” to specifically focus on getting new members acclimated to their club. I am excited, as their mentor, as the d14 administration manager, as a resident of Athens-Clarke County and as a toastmaster to recognize their hard work and creativity.










ACC Toastmasters is an organization club opened to employees of Athens-Clarke County Government who are part-time, full-time and retired. However, we invite anyone who is interested in learning about Toastmasters to attend our weekly meetings. We will direct them to other local public clubs that they are able to join.

Our club mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in  which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Our meetings are professional, fun, and offer our members a unique opportunity to meet fellow employees in a non-threatening environment. Although a young organization, we have set lofty goals for our organization and are looking forward to achieving them in the coming year.

Our weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m. at the Bobby Snipes Water Resource Center Building located at 780 Barber St., Athens, GA 30601.



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  1. Debbie Thompson
    | Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like an amazing group of Toastmasters. Looks like you have lots of fun while providing a learning environment for your members.

  2. Greg Palmer, DTM
    | Reply

    Hello ACC Toastmasters, what a joy to see you recognized as Club Spotlight for the month of December! Please continue doing what you do in meeting your goals and the District will look forward to seeing you in the winner’s circle, as a President’s Distinguished Club!

  3. Karmen McClain
    | Reply

    Wow, what great innovative ideas to keep the members excited and engaged. I look forward to seeing you all at the Athens TLI on January 26, 2019!

  4. Karmen McClain
    | Reply

    Wow, what an awesome club and great innovative ideas to keep the members engaged. Congratulations on a job well done. I wish each of you continued success! See you at the Athens TLI on January 26, 2019!

  5. Jennifer McNeill, ACS, CL
    | Reply

    Well what can I say, you do lead by example!! Congratulations on your selection as club of the month!! Keep pushing forward

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