Nine Reasons Why TLI

Why Should Club Officers Attend a TLI

1)  Help your club earn a point in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP), plus your club relies on its club officers to set the right example for its membership.
2)  Get direct access to your district leaders and the important information they have to share.
3) Share your own ideas and experiences with other officers holding the same position as you.
4)  Achieve your goals by networking with members from other clubs.
5)  Build on the personal relationships you formed at the last training.
6)  Expand your network by meeting new club officers.
7)  Revisit the goals you set in when you took office, and determine the best use of your time and energy for the rest of your term.
8)  Introduce your mentees to leadership opportunities.
9)  Explore other Toastmasters leadership roles so that you can serve in a different spot next year.

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