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January 2019: Member of Month

Ron Baker

Spotlight – Each month the District recognizes a member for outstanding accomplishments in earning educational awards, in marketing their club or serving above and beyond what is expected.

Ron has been a Toastmaster since 2017. Not only is Ron a member of 3 Toastmaster Clubs, he serves as an officer in each (as Club President and VP Education twice). 

He is President of Whitelaw Speakers; VP Education of Waynesboro Toastmasters Club #5901; and VP Education of Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Toastmasters Club #5051. 

Ron has received the Advanced Leader Bronze and the Advanced Communicator Bronze Awards. He served as Club Coach for Waynesboro Toastmasters Club and helped them reach Select Distinguished within 6 months of his assignment. 

Ron is a member of the District 14 MasterMind Team and most recently is leading the launch as Committee Chair of the Corporate Liaison Program. 

And, as if he has any time left in his extremely busy schedule, he is serving his country as a U.S. Navy Officer.





Ron presenting the Corporate Liaison Program to the District 14 Executive Council (DEC) members. 

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  1. Debbie Thompson
    | Reply

    I don’t see how you do it all – but it’s clear that you are truly an inspiring Leader.
    “When Your Actions Inspire Others to Dream More, Learn More, Do More, and Become More, You are a Leader!” – John Quincy Adams

  2. Gregory Palmer
    | Reply

    Hello Ron, congratulations on being selected as our Member Spotlight for January 2019. We are truly appreciative for all you do for our members and District! You make us all proud.

  3. Karmen McClain
    | Reply

    I’ve often said Ron has a duplication machine he is keeping a secret. Oh, and let’s not forget he is a genius and that’s putting it lightly. It has been such an honor and pleasure working with him over the past two years. He is a man of service to everyone who crosses his path. He shares whatever he knows with others to help others reach success. I know, because I’ve been the recipient of his sacrifice and watched him do this again and again for members of D14 Toastmasters. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have him on the team for Area 52 and I don’t know a person who would not echo the same sentiments. And why do I say he has a duplication team……well, he is everywhere in the District serving and I do mean everywhere. I attended a Waynesboro meeting and he got off a plane in Atlanta and drove on a Sunday to make it to the meeting. He didn’t look worse for the ware and continued on as if he lived down the street from the club. Ron, if you are reading this, thank you for all you to to serve fellow Toadtmasters and our country.

  4. Laura Olson
    | Reply

    Ron you continue to amaze me with your endless energy and your willingness to always lend a hand when asked. You have been instrumental in helping several clubs in Division E in the rebuilding process, and it all started with you planting the seed that they could do it. It is that type of support that helps others achieve more than then envisioned possible. Thank you seems inadequate for all that do to help your clubs, area, division and district in achieving excellence.

  5. Memi Wilson
    | Reply

    Awesome Ron my fellow Mastermind! Congrats, well earned!

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