Thank you District 14 gifted, great, gracious Leaders and Members! And welcome to your Winter TLI.

Your Trio appreciates you so much!

You have wholehearted and sincerely embraced the reality of our vision for “inclusion and involvement.” Through your investment of your time and efforts, our “inclusion and involvement” vision has already begun to significantly impact all of US… including our members, our clubs, our areas and our District.

Continuing to reach out to our local communities/neighborhoods using our “Personal GIFTS,” we will have even more massive member’s “involvement and inclusion.”  “Involvement and inclusion” of such magnitude is a monumental shift in leaders’ thinking and behavior.  District 14 members, we have become “change agents.”

By using our “Personal GIFTS” beloved members and leaders, we will achieve more EXTRAORDINARINESS & EXCELLENCE!

“Using your GIFTS will make YOU EXTRAORDINARILY GOOD… as it should.”

Our vision statement this year is: L3 = Leading Inward, Outward & Onward.

An impactful vision that emphasizes leading from within first. Your Trio will work doubly hard this year in leading our District to be INCLUSIVE… to be UNIFIED!

Your TLI today is an example of our District’s vision of “inclusion & involvement.” We are continually reaching out to our members and seeking your input, involvement and involvement. We will continue to do that. For instance, this session is available to officers and non-officers.

Enjoy your TLI! Whether you are a long term member or a recent member, your input is valuable.

Share it with us.


Your District Trio

L3 = Leading Inward, Outward & Onward

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