Greg Palmer, DTM,

Program Quality Director
2017 – 2018

Greetings District 14,
Welcome to another exciting Toastmaster year! As your Program Quality Director for 2017-2018, we are looking forward to providing each of our members with the tools, training, and technology necessary to maintain a quality club environment where all can thrive!
TLI is Toastmasters’ Leadership Institute. TLI provides training for the entire District. This includes summer and winter TLI Club Officer Training.
What type of training is provided at TLI Club Officer Training?
A typical training has:
  • Club officer breakout sessions
  • Workshops on general topics, such as: How to Run a Successful Speech Contest?How to Make Your Club Distinguished through the Distinguished Club Program?
Why attend TLI Club Officer Training twice a year?
  • Help your club earn Distinguished Club Program (DCP) credit
  • What you learn here will help you become a more successful, effective club officer and leader year around. Master the skills in a fun setting!
  • Trained club officers translate into a club’s ultimate success. Having 100% club officers trained correlates with Distinguished Club status.
  • Networking – Meet your peers in the District. Make new friends.
  • It’s both enjoyable and educational.
Who can attend TLI Club Officer Training?
Training is open to all Toastmaster members. Every Club Officer should attend in order to effectively fulfill their roles to help obtain Distinguished Club Program (DCP) credit for their club.
Additionally, we have assembled a top notch training team committed to bringing you additional training opportunities, webinars and resources i.e. Judge’s TrainingEffective EvaluationsMentoring as well as special events i.e. Speakers’ Workshop.
Do you have talent or an idea for the District? Please contact me ASAP!
I look forward to working with each of you this Toastmaster year!


Greg Palmer, DTM
Program Quality Director 2017-2018

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