John Simmons, DTM
District Director
2017 – 2018


It is truly a pleasure to serve as your District Director…CEO this year! Throughout my 18 years as a Toastmaster, my vision has been inclusion and involvement of all members. And now, YOUR DISTRICT TRIO shares in that vision of involvement and inclusion. We are looking forward to ALL of us participating in that vision. 
The central messages of our vision for District 14 this year is:
  • Believing in our MEMBERS!
  • Serving our MEMBERS 1st
  • Serving our MEMBERS impartially!
  • Working as a TEAM!
  • Developing our FUTURE LEADERS… which includes our YOUTH!
  • Striving for EXCELLENCE!
Our vision statement is:  L3 = Leading Inward, Outward & Onward”
Our vision is one in which we encourage our leaders to develop within themselves first in such a manner that prepares them to effectively lead others today, as well as leading them in the years to come.
Our goal is to serve you in such an EXCELLENT manner that ALL of us together can joyfully strive for EXCELLENCE!
Demographically, we are very dispersed with 8 DIVISIONS. Thus, we can easily feel and act disconnected. But, we are ONE DISTRICT!  Let’s work together as ONE DISTRICT to pursue EXCELLENCE and enjoy our journey.
Together, we can have FUN!
John Simmons, DTM
District Director, District 14
L3 = Leading Inward, Outward & Onward”

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