Brenda Benjamin, DTM, Club Growth Director, 2017 – 2018
Greetings Fellow District 14 Toastmasters!
I am honored as well as excited to serve as your Club Growth Director for the 2017-2018 year! This year, I have recruited a very strong marketing team to assist with building new clubs, strengthening existing clubs, and growing our district. The Districts Marketing Team is here to join forces with you to accomplish these goals.
We are striving to ensure that all clubs have a resource to reach out to and members have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in growing our district. We believe this will be an amazing year where excellence and inclusion will be paramount.
As L3 = Leading Inward, Outward & Onwardstates, we are looking to empower our members to take the next step in leadership by providing you with the tools to help you achieve success in building our district and a strong foundation for future district roles. With these tools, you too will be able to not only lead inside of yourself, but lead outward to help others and then lead onward into the future.
The District Marketing Team consists of Club Extension Chairs, Club Quality Chairs, Club Retention Chairs, and Club New Source Research Chairs. This team’s main focus will be to:
  • Manage all credible new club leads
  • Recruit, train, and assign club sponsors, mentors, and coaches
  • Monitor the effectiveness of each club sponsor, mentor, and coach
  • Develop action plans for adjustments
  • Promote membership building programs
  • Provide member retention solutions
The District Marketing Team is dedicated and focused on helping our district become even more vibrant and strong, and with YOUR HELP, WE KNOW WE WILL SUCCEED!
As your Club Growth Director, I’m looking forward to having each of you become inspired and take OWNERSHIP in YOUR district’s success!
Here’s to an amazing year District 14!
Brenda Benjamin, DTM
District 14 Club Growth Director 2017-2018

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