Feedback District 14 Presenters 2018 Spring Conference

Feedback: 2018 Conference Speakers & Presenters

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List of Presenters:

Education Session # 1
“So You Want to be a Speaker”
Kim D. Smith, DTM

Education Session #2
“Beyond The Judge’s Guide”
Kathleen Bingaman, DTM

Education Session # 3
“Youth Showcase”
Alstenia Smith-Sellers, DTM

Education Session # 4
“The Science of Inspiration & Methodology of Meaning”
Omega Tennant

Education Session # 5
“EXCEL”LENCE in Leadership! Together We EXCEL!”
Jake Golden

Education Session # 6
“How to Easily Add Humor to Your Speeches”
Brian Woolf

Education Session # 7
PoWEr Networking: Your Network Builds Net Worth”
Richard Hardon, DTM

Education Session # 8
“Build Your Team and Build Your Dream”
Alan Ramsey, DTM

Education Session # 9
“Carry the College Torch! Learn How to Charter and
Maintain College Club Membership”
Tonya Moore, DTM

Education Session # 10
“Evaluation Station: Your Stop for Learning New Ways to Develop and Deliver Feedback”
Deborah Hamilton, DTM 

Education Session # 11
“Power Up Mentoring: Are You an Effective Mentor?”
Tracy R. Powell, PhD

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