Lutalo Aryee

Area 61

Susan Sloan

Area 62

Mancha Marcelino

Area 63

District Mission Statement

“We Build New Clubs and Support All Clubs in Achieving Excellence.” 

About Division F

Division F Is Comprised Of 14 Clubs Organized Into Three (3) Areas.

The Division Believes In The Toastmasters Values: Respect, Integrity, Service And Excellence.


Division F Clubs

AreaClubClub Name
613027Toastmasters Too! Club
61589248Ridge Masters Club
611028227Excellent Enunciators
611682337Northwords Toastmasters Club 1682337
625307All American Club
628661Totalmasters Club
621396976CCG Speechmasters Club
624760471Advanced Columbus Toastmasters
626765761Eloquent Orators
632037Columbus Uptown Toastmasters Club
634684Sundowners Club
638710Talk Masters Toastmasters Club
633137847Thomaston Toastmasters
633401885LaGrange Toastmasters Club

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