Jocelyn Richard

Area 51

Daryl King

Area 52

Jennifer McNeill

Area 53

Joann Sheats

Area 54

District Mission Statement

“We Build New Clubs and Support All Clubs in Achieving Excellence.” 

About Division E

Division E Is Comprised Of 18 Clubs Organized Into Four (4) Areas.

The Division Believes In The Toastmasters Values: Respect, Integrity, Service And Excellence.


Division E Clubs


AreaClubClub Name
51674939Doctors Hospital Toastmasters Club
511339086ADP Augusta
514993094Augusta West Toastmaster Club 04993094
515916750Whitelaw Speakers
52326Augusta Toastmasters
525901Waynesboro Club
52750735Voices of Distinction Club
527145219The Masters Toastmasters Group
532523Georgia-Carolina Toastmasters Club
535051CSRA Toastmasters Club #5051
537106Riverwalk Club
532046783CNVAMC Toastmasters
541779Athens Toastmasters Club
544048Classic City Toastmasters
549525Toastmasters Of Hope Club
541174747Greene County Toastmasters
544909817Student Toastmasters At UGA
546912846ACC Toastmasters Club

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