Maria Newton

Area 41

Valecia Lokey

Area 42

Nakki Price

Area 43

Debra Collier

Area 44

Lee Williams

Area 45

District Mission Statement

“We Build New Clubs and Support All Clubs in Achieving Excellence.” 

About Division D

Division D Is Comprised Of 21 Clubs Organized Into Five (5) Areas.

The Division Believes In The Toastmasters Values: Respect, Integrity, Service And Excellence.


Division D Clubs

Home of Toastmasters Clubs:  Eaton PTC Toastmasters, Fairburn Toastmasters, Peachtree City Toastmasters, St. Ignatius Of Loyola Toastmasters, Aviator’s, Delta Medallions Toastmasters, Delta Premier Toastmasters, Delta TechOps Prognostic TM, Vital Voices, Henry County Club, Morrow Toastmasters, Shiloh Baptist Church, Southern Crescent Toastmasters, 6600 South Toastmasters Club, Achieving Excellence Toastmasters, New Macedonia Communicators, So Co Toastmasters-Forest Park, Speakers Engaged

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