Saudia Muhammad

Area 31

Floyd Neal

Area 32

Keshia Claiborne-Ashley

Area 33

Mary Gladney

Area 34

Thaddeus Dean

Area 35

Jackie Walker

Area 36

District Mission Statement

“We Build New Clubs and Support All Clubs in Achieving Excellence.”

About Division C

Division  C is Comprised Of 25 Clubs Organized Into Six (6) Areas.

The Division Believes In The Toastmasters Values: Respect, Integrity, Service And Excellence.


Division C Clubs


AreaClubClub Name
312579Conyers-Rockdale Toastmasters
318352Toast Of Rockdale Club
313063460VOF Conyers Tenacious Toastmasters
3144449115 Star Leaders
329851Fairfield Kingdom Voices Club
32994071Lou Walker Talkers
324530986Aspiring For Excellence
327030436Apex-Lithonia Toastmasters Club
33289Alpha 289 Toastmasters Club
33468Victory Voices Of Vision Club
33747776Phoenix Rising Toastmasters
336507216Peace 4000
342771Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters Club
341867570NBBA Toastmasters
344361072Victorious Voices
345792223The Stonecrest Library Toastmasters Club
351348229Toastmasters of SPC
352543736Devry University Toastmasters Club
354512689Your Small Business Toastmasters
357159287ARG Toastmasters Club
365748Voices Of Aaron Club
362075029Three Angels Toastmasters Club
363107746Village Speakers
363297540Voices of Eloquence

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