Kelvina Burrell

Area 21

Janice Saturday

Area 22

Maxine Roberts

Area 23

Gwendolyn Monroe

Area 24

Andrew Marti

District Mission Statement

“We Build New Clubs and Support All Clubs in Achieving Excellence.” 

About Division B

Division B Is Comprised Of 21 Clubs Organized Into Five (5) Areas.

The Division Believes In The Toastmasters Values: Respect, Integrity, Service And Excellence.


Division B Clubs

AreaClubClub Name
211501Plaza Presenters Toastmasters Club
21583463Beyond Sight Communicators Toastmasters Club
211202015iNCRedible Toastmasters
211813937Atlanta's Talented Toastmasters
213030052The Stammering Churchills
221842Leading Communicators
22672811Colony Square Toastmasters
22987103PwC Atlanta Toastmasters
221260477NS Toasters On Track - Atlanta
237647Carter Center Club
23673767Mills Golden Tongues Club
234903022HOPEs & DREAMs
237114193MailChimp Toastmasters
241520Buckhead Toastmasters
248708CDC Toastmasters Club
244011416CDC Roybal Toastmasters
246118924HRO Toastmasters
251901Dogwood Club
251475033Grace Masters
251901625DCA Toastmasters

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