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Conceptualize, Strategize, Execute


My Fellow District 14 Toastmasters,


Welcome to a brand-new year of Toastmasters! How did your first month go for you?

Did you know we are a Select Distinguished District? Congratulations to each of you for making this happen. This year we are determined to become a President’s Distinguished District for the first time ever!


Now is the time to forge a new strategic path which shifts the culture of our clubs to be more receptive to innovation, so that members may actively contribute new ideas and leaders create an environment to enable such innovation. We strive to understand the goals and needs of our members and clubs.

This year we will work towards being able to:


1. CONCEPTUALIZE by utilizing your imagination to conceive the possibilities once considered unobtainable.

2. STRATEGIZE to layout the plan towards developing the roadmap to achieve your goals.

3. EXECUTE on your roadmap and the unobtainable becomes a reality!


I encourage each of you to reach for the stars, think outside the box, take the path less traveled if what you are doing has not been successful. Visit our District website for new ideas to help you conceptualize at


Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Let’s begin to execute thought-provoking methods to strengthen our clubs. Do not to be afraid to try something new and fun. Have the courage to believe you can be President’s Distinguished. I believe in you.


Courage will guide you through a place where uncertainty may lay. There might be a time when you will wonder can I do this, what are my limitations, where will I find the confidence to be successful? Discover the realization that you are not alone; you have the entire District Leadership Team by your side.


There are no limitations to what you can achieve! Remember to:

  • Conceptualize and begin brainstorming and accepting new ideas.

  • Strategize on how to achieve those ideas, what are the tasks or actions needed, who will do what and when.

  • Execute on the ideas you once thought were unobtainable; go for it all!


Your district leaders stand on the shoulders of its predecessors who laid the foundation for us to build upon. For that, we say THANK YOU! Your current District Leaders will always be available to assist you in any way we can; “Together we will achieve success”. Here’s to a Presidents Distinguished year!




Brenda Benjamin, DTM

District 14 Director 2019-2020

“Conceptualize, Strategize, Execute

Together we will achieve success”!




District Director – Brenda Benjamin • Program Quality Director – Anwesha Banerjee • Club Growth Director – Pathik Patel

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