Toastmasters in our Lives Today

By Betty Liedtke


One Thing We Learn As Toastmasters Is How To Adapt To Changing Situations. And At No Time Is That Skill More Valuable Than Right Now!

At Our Meetings, We Learn How To Be Flexible When We Have To Switch Or Fill Roles At The Last Minute. We Learn How To Think Quickly When We Have To Answer A Difficult Or Challenging Table Topics Question. And We Learn How To Be Helpful And Supportive When Others Need Our Advice And Encouragement.

Life Has Been Transformed, Quickly And Decisively, For All Of Us We Face The Changes, Challenges, Fears, And Frustrations Of Dealing With The Coronavirus That Has Infiltrated Our Communities, Our Country, And The World. What Was Normal And Routine Just A Few Weeks Ago Already Seems Like A Distant Memory, And “The New Normal” Is Like Nothing We Ever Imagined.


As Toastmasters, We Can Rise To The Challenge In Many Ways. First Of All, We Can Continue Holding Our Meetings, But In An Online Forum. Zoom Is A Popular Platform That Many Have Found Useful. And The Familiarity And Camaraderie Of Seeing Our Fellow Club Members, Even In This Format Rather Than In Person, Can Be A Powerful Source Of Strength And Comfort. Also, As We Go Through The Changes Brought On By Coronavirus Guidelines And Restrictions, We Can Remember To Incorporate Our Toastmasters Skills When It Comes To The Flexibility, Quick Thinking, Courage, And Resourcefulness That Are Required In Our New Circumstances.

These Are Trying Times Indeed. But We Will Get Through This. And Toastmasters Can Help!

April 22, 2020

©Betty Liedtke, 2020

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