Spring 2020 Conference

"The Power of New Beginnings"

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We are looking for Toastmasters to join our team.  We're Currently Planning for Next Year's Conference, which provides great team-building and networking opportunities.

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The Power Of New Beginnings

Volunteer Committee descriptions

Advertising/Sponsorship – This team is key to our fundraising ability.  We need a team to sell ads and seek donations for our District 14 Conference.
Audio-Visual – Must have IT support to have the bells and whistles. This provides a high-tech aspect to our event.
Bookstore - Very popular is the Toastmasters store.  We need people to work in our store selling manuals and other Toastmasters branded items.
Credentials – Our business meeting involves ensuring the clubs have the proper credentials to participate in voting.  Learn more about this area, and work with our Credentials Chair to vet our participants.
Decorations – Icing on the event!  Working to create the decorations for the tables and event areas is a good way to show the artist in you. 
Door Prizes – Who does not like door prizes?  The more door prizes and gift baskets, the more money we raise, and smiles we see.  We need your help to pull this together, gathering merchandise for the door prizes and gift baskets from local businesses and clubs.
DTM Recognition – It is party time for those lucky folks to accomplish the DTM distinction.  It is tradition to hold a ceremony and reception.  Your help with this event is appreciated.
Education / Education Facilities – One of the draws for our conference is to attend the Education Sessions.  We need your help to support the speakers.  Making sure the room is set up, promotional material is set up, and our schedule is a quality offering for our Conference attendees.
Entertainment – On Friday and Saturday night, after the contests, we have time in the ballroom to have a party.  We are looking for those with party planning talent to make this time memorable.
Facilities – Ensuring the rooms are functioning, chairs and other items are in place.  Almost any behind-the-scenes tasks fall under this area.  We need you!
First Aid - Do you have first-aid experience?  We are looking to have people help if there is a small first-aid incident, and be available if we do need to call  emergency services.
First Timers – The “First Timers” has been a tradition to help those who have not attended a conference before, or newer members to Toastmasters understand the options available for them at the conference, and to get the most from their time at the event.
Hospitality – During the few off times of the conference, we will have a hospitality room available with snacks, drinks and networking for our members.  Are you interested in helping with setting up and breaking down this room as needed?
Information – Most of our members are from out of town, and this desk will help with questions about the area, and of course the navigation of the Conference.  If you are new to helping at a Conference, this is a good place to begin.
Parade of Banners/Parade of Dignitaries – This involves helping with the lineup of our banner parade, and our dignitaries; ensuring people are in the correct place when called.
Publicity – We want to promote the conference so we sell tickets!  This team involves working with the individual events and promoting the Conference throughout the district.
Registration - This team welcomes those registered for the event.  It involves putting together those ‘goodie bags’, coordinating conference tickets, meals sold, contest tickets and other areas you never knew about. 
Speech Contest – An outcome of our Spring Conference is the contests!  We need help working with the contestants and the technical team, to make the show flawless!
Vendor – What conference is complete without the vendor tables?  We need people to find businesses to rent space to show their goods.  This is a Win-Win.  Our vendors can sell their goods and services-the members can do some fun shopping.  This is also one of the fundraiser opportunities for the Conference.
Volunteers – Not sure how you want to help?  We are creating a pool of volunteers to assist as needed throughout the conference.


For additional information:

Contact:  Jennifer Green at d14.toastmasters@gmail.com