D14 Business Meeting

What are Proxies? 

(Article X, Paragraph D) 

District Bylaws

In the event the President and/or Vice President of Education are not in attendance at the meeting and has not designated, in writing, an active individual member of the club to act as his or her proxy at such meeting, the officer or proxy holder in attendance shall be deemed to hold the proxy of the other and may, therefore, cast two votes at such meeting.


Who needs a PROXY

If I am a Club President and my VPE is unable to attend, then do I need a PROXY for their VOTE? NO

  • The Club President or the Club VPE can receive BOTH ballots for each other without having a PROXY

Can I use the PROXY if I am not a member of the Club that needs me to VOTE? NO

  • You must be an ACTIVE member of the respective club to receive the ballot on their behalf.

If my Club President or VPE emailed me an electronic copy of their PROXY can I show my smartphone to the credentialling desk and receive the ballot for the club?

  • Electronic copies are not acceptable, who receive an electronic or emailed copy of the Proxy MUST PRINT the proxy and bring a paper copy to the credentialing desk

Where can I read more about the Proxy process? See the District Leaders Handbook?

  • District Administrative Bylaws, Article X, Sections (d) and (e).
  • The District Leadership Handbook explains the PROXY. It also contains excerpts from the Bylaws on the topic
  • see the D14 Website in the Toolkits: Link to the District Leadership Handbook

Click the form below to download the D14 Proxy form

Link to the D14 Proxy form: