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We are excited about this, the first major overhaul of the Toastmasters educational program since Dr. Smedley published the original basic training manual over 70 years ago.
This webpage supports and supplements the information you’ll receive from your Ambassador.  Check back frequently, as information will be added monthly.


Best wishes for a successful year!
J.D. Dirkschneider, DTM, PDG
District 14 Pathways Manager

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  • Welcome to Pathways
  • What is Pathways?
  • Why Was Pathways Created?
  • How Was Pathways Developed?
  • How Were Members Involved?
  • Why Is Pathways Valuable to You?

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Pathways Base Camp Manager Duties and Instructions
How to Redeem Your Second Free Pathways Learning Path

(D14 Dual Members)

Key to Education Award Designations

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Pathways Graphics

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Pathways Fliers

Flier for guests and new members: 
"Where Will Pathways Take You"
Flier for potential corporate clubs: 
"Transform Your Talent"

Special Document: LEVEL 1: Pathways Ice Breaker Project and Evaluation Form

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