About the Division C

     Division C is comprised of 20 clubs organized into four (4) Areas. The Division believes in the values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, Authenticity, Courage, Commitment, and Consistency. We operate from the principals of "creating SAFE environments to have REAL conversations" and "Collaborating and Sharing Best Practices.

District Mission Statement:

"We Build New Clubs and Support All Clubs in Achieving Excellence"

Division C Director

Randy Leon Brown

Division Director
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Area 31 Director

Nathan Mashabatu

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Area 32 Director

Cynthia Day

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Area 33 Director

Tonette White

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Area 34 Director

EveLyn Smith

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Color Code Legend: Division Interactive Map

Yellow = Area 31 Clubs  |  Green = Area 32 Clubs  |  Red = Area 33 Clubs  |  Blue = Area 34 Clubs